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White Flower Embrocation Medicated Oil 5ml

Brand: White Flower Oil Brand
Product Code: White-Flower-Oil#003
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White Flower Embrocation Medicated Oil 5ml

NET WT5ml / Bottled Oil

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White Flower Embrocation Medicated Oil (Hoe Hin Pak Fah Yeow) 5ml ; Clear aromatic oil with versatile uses. Sniff straight from the bottle to open sinuses or or apply as drops from fingertips to afflicted areas to treat dizziness, stomach gas, motion sickness, joint pain, cold and flu congestion. Natural essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint are combined in wintergreen oil, menthol crystal and camphor for a composition poised in the fundamental principle of yin plus yang equals harmony. Analgesic, antiseptic, antiiphlogistic and decongestant, White Flower may also be effectively used as first aid for minor cuts and scrapes. In use since 1927.

APPLICATIONS: Provides relief from the stuffed-up feeling associated with catarrh, cold or influenza, relieves headache, temporarily relieves muscular pain, eases travel and motion sickness, alleviates itching resulting from insect and mosquito bites, refreshing with antiseptic properties.

MAJOR INGREDIENTS: White Flower Embrocation, commonly known as Pak Fah Yeow, is a blend of several essential oils including eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, wintergreen oil and menthol. Most ingredients containing natural elements are imported from France, China and Australia, and purchased in compliance with the standards and guidelines set forth by British Pharmacopoeia and Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

Active Ingredients: Methyl Salicylate 35.0%, Menthol 29.0%, Eucalyptus Oil 16.5%, Lavender Oil 7.5%, Peppermint oil 7.5%, Camphor 4.5%

Wintergreen Oil(Methyl Salicylate)
- relieves pain
- soothes sore muscles

- cooling effect
- relieves headaches
- eases rheumatic pains and neuralgia
- relieves symptoms of bronchitis
- alleviates sinusitis and similar conditions

Eucalyptus Oil
- antiseptic
- used as a counter-irritant and also provides relief from cold and sinusitis

Lavender Oil
- antiseptic
- insect repellent
- natural sedative

- helps blood circulation
- relieves pain
- relieves itching


For External Application Only – Apply 2 to 3 drops on affected area, massage gently. If necessary, repeat the process every two hours. Can be inhaled when needed. Best way to inhale is to place 2 to 3 drops onto a handkerchief or tissue and inhale deeply.

For external use only. If rash occurs, discontinue use immediately. If symptom persists or redness is present, consult a physician immediately. Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eye with cold water. Do not use on infants and during pregnancy. Avoid use of product containing methyl salicylate on children infected by flu, chicken pox or fever. Consult Chinese medicine practitioner or doctor before use if allergic to salicylic acid. Store at 30 ?C or below.

Keep out of reach of children.


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